Advertising & Communication

Brands are globally facing growth challenges and finding it tough to come to terms with the ever-changing, complex and uncertain world of rising consumer expectations and disruptive technology.

Our Advertising & Communications team could provide you comprehensive marketing consultation to create advertising campaigns specific to your client base. AGDPRO would work with you to identify objectives, which remain vital to a brand’s success-whether that’s increasing penetration, driving customer engagement, building loyalty, or boosting sales. We dive into your business, market challenges, trends, best practices as well as do a competitive profiling to provide you a strategic recommendation for your business needs.


Aerospace & Defense

As a player in this sector, you are confronted with disruptive changes as you face overwhelming and competing challenges of a rapidly shifting geo-political landscape and yet you are continuing to mitigate the impacts of the unforeseen pandemic.

Our Aerospace & Defense domain consultants bring in deep industry knowledge and expertise coupled with global insights and trends to help you overcome business and environmental challenges. We would also support you to achieve digital transformation, operational excellence and cost reduction under the overall context of sustainability so that you emerge stronger than ever before.


Agriculture & Agro Products

If you aspire to be a major player in the agriculture and agro products sector, our experts would support you to do that using their deep and nuanced understanding of the industry. They would hand hold you to improve overall organizational effectiveness through process design to drive the efficiency curves.

We remain committed to bring into our relationship the necessary innovative thought process, a multi-disciplinary skillset along with the needed analytics. We would help you navigate disruptive trends and technologies and implement necessary operating processes.


Architecture & Interior Designing

As part of our advisory panel we have designers, planners, engineers, architects and consultants. Our team possesses the competence to work with you on every aspect of today’s built environment. We have the vision to work on innovative and environment friendly architecture and interior designs. Together with you we would like to shape a better world.

We hold a common belief that the approach to each architectural & interior project should be a comprehensive design solution. We would exhibit this commitment through our recommendations relating to the interior and exterior space design for achieving a cost effective optimum solution.


Automotive, Mobility & Heavy Equipment

To take advantage of the disruptive changes being faced by the industry in terms of EVs, autonomous vehicles, vehicle to vehicle connectivity and other innovations, you require to access the needed competences to shift to sustainable operating practices, new business models and methods and the agility to effectively compete in a shifting environment.

We remain dedicated to helping transform today’s automotive leaders while empowering the game-changers of tomorrow. We have the industry expertise through our global team of specialized transportation consultants who would support you to quickly scale and pivot through new business models and ways of working.


Banking, Financial & Capital Markets

Our Banking and Capital Markets services are powered by deep industry experience. We remain committed to support you to reinvent your business model to meet the evolving demands of the market, the regulators as also your customers and business partners.

Our experts would assist you to develop actionable plans and implement them effectively so that you achieve sustainable performance improvement. We possess global expertise across strategic and operational areas to support you to create new customer engagement benchmarks, find new ways to generate revenue and continue to improve overall operational and financial performance.


Capital Projects, Infrastructure, Construction & Building Materials

In today’s fast changing and disruptive environment, spearheading large capital projects and leading them to a positive conclusion can be a challenge. This is where we come in and help you mitigate risk and navigate disruption. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineering, project planning and finance professionals would assist you through the entire capital project life cycle.

As a professional services organization, we remain committed to enhance the value of your investment. As you engage with us, you would discover how our capital projects consulting services blend their multidisciplinary expertise to successfully hand hold you and deliver on your projects.



The chemicals sector is one of our primary areas of expertise. Our consultants have worked in diverse sectors ranging from petrochemicals, specialty and performance chemicals to industrial bio-materials.

We understand the competitive nature and volatility of the chemicals market as well as the issues and challenges that impact its performance. Our multidisciplinary team would hand hold you to rejig your asset portfolio, overhaul your cost structures or prepare a new chemical plant for a successful launch. Through our deep knowledge of market forces and customer needs in the sector, we can support you to grow, invest and embark on a winning strategy.


Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances

This is one domain which is witnessing rapid innovation and ever shortening product life cycles. Our team of experts are fully geared to offer and deliver consultancy based solutions so that you successfully execute new product launches and reach those rapidly to your target markets.

We offer our expertise across a wide range of client services. So, should you need to accelerate product design and market launches, reduce costs, diversify risks or set up a quality assurance process, you could count on us. We also offer our services to be your project lead as well as provide menu based support for your in-house process needs.


Education, Art & Digital Learning

In a rapidly changing world facing waves of new technology and processes, the requirement for continuous education and learning has become of paramount importance. Both educational institutions and organizations need to remain conscious of this and proactively take action to ensure continued relevance and productivity of their students and employees.

We provide education strategy consulting services to educational institutions, organizations, governments, education publishers, digital learning providers and even early care providers. Our education experts will support you to set a pathway of bold ambition, to cultivate talent and deliver proven technology and digital transformation (Dx) initiatives relevant to the domain.


Environment, Climate Change & Sustainability

Environment degradation, climate change impact and the need for sustainability are arguably the most important concerns of Governments and stakeholders today. The cornerstone of business growth and success in increasingly disruptive and unpredictable environments is to bring into one’s strategic framework, environmental, health and safety (EHS) and climate change risks.

Our global Environment, Climate Change and Sustainability Services team understands the above aspect completely. In partnership with us, you would be able to effectively respond by evaluating the broader value impacts and outcomes, identifying the opportunities, and the reporting of nonfinancial performance risks to your stakeholders.


Finance & Accounting

Are you considering transforming your F&A to build resilience, mitigate risk, improve governance, and enable financial growth?

At AGDPRO, we have the products and solutions to fit all your financial and accounting needs. Our domain consultants would support you to make your finance functions agile, forward-looking, and future-ready. In partnership with you, they would find solutions to each of your concern areas as above.

Our processes, using data analytics, are designed to automate your transactional financial management system, as well as provide timely predictive and actionable insights for better and faster decision-making.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Are you getting increasingly concerned with slowdown in consumer demand, loss of traditional scale advantages, pandemic fueled reshaping of consumer behavior and channel preference?

Our FMCG consultants understand the unique characteristics of your sector as also the multiplicity of disruptive forces that are impacting you. We remain committed to help you with your marketing strategy, trade promotion and supply chain management. If you are looking forward to transforming your overall FMCG strategy using e-commerce and digitally enabled models, we would further provide significant insights relating to social media impact and the opportunities offered by emerging technologies.


Health, Fitness & Sports Management

If you are considering the development of any type of gym, health club, leisure club, spa or school sports facility, we can provide comprehensive support ranging from validating your investment decision to setting up your project for success.

Our team would hand hold you through each of these critical elements: Market and Competitor analysis, Assessment of potential membership demand, service specific (example Spa treatments etc.) demand, market positioning, facility layout recommendation, design and build options, setting up key performance indicator targets (utilizing our benchmarking statistics and experience), Business plans and the overall financial process.


Healthcare Systems & Services

Rapidly evolving market dynamics, regulatory forces and consumer demands are continually adding new layers of complexity to the healthcare industry. The focus of stakeholders is now on the challenges and opportunities thrown up by the ensuing pandemic.

Our domain consultants possess deep understanding of each player across the value chain, be it the health care facility, the doctor, the patient or the insurance company. We work with you to fuel innovation, reduce costs, simplify your operating system and overall, drive value for you. We provide our expertise across Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, Healthcare Payers and Delivery Systems in our engagements.



The insurance industry is at the heart of digital disruption and convergence. Amid such increasing volatility and turbulence, you need to structure and offer innovative insurance products.

Our domain consultants have the expertise to help you cultivate agility, create seamless services for customers along with new income streams across your business. We would support you to diversify your products and services to meet the changing needs of your clients. So, whether you plan to invest in customer-facing, cloud-based digital innovations or create new ecosystems that serve a broad suite of customer, stakeholders and employee needs, you could count on our services.


IT & Technology

AGDPRO delivers customized IT consulting support and services to organizations of various size. As your consulting partner, we can help lead your organization forward with highly effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions. Leveraging knowledgeable IT consulting experts on our platform will empower your business to remain secure and efficient without wasting valuable work time and resources. Our domain experts specialize in IT Assessments, IT Governance – Risk & Compliance, Strategy & Planning and Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery services.


Journalism & Mass Communication

If you are an editor or a producer at a news outlet and you aspire to do solution journalism. We have the expertise to provide consultancy-oriented learning modules to ensure that your ‘news offerings’ are reader centric and are responding to real problems. We point you towards the tools you need to enable you to catalyze high-impact solutions reporting. With our help you shift away from problem focused news and towards stories which are trustworthy, uplifting and inspirational. You have the satisfaction of knowing that your journalism is sparking action-oriented debates.


Legal Management Consulting

The past decade has been a time of great change for legal professionals. They are facing increasing pressure to address current and future business challenges, and confront a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Our Legal Consulting team would assist you to manage your legal business better. We would work side by side with you, your business partners and third-party providers so that you contain risk and cost through process improvement, efficient data management, and technology usage. Our services focus on achieving tangible results and enduring change. We serve both as advisors and as experienced, scalable, hands-on resources.


Metals & Mining

The Metals and Mining industry is in the throes of transformation. Growth and technology, along with the need for sustainability and corporate responsibility, are creating disruption and economic pressure.

Our mining team possesses deep experience across the entire value chain, from upstream mining to downstream processing. They can help you optimize your business and growth strategy through ensuring that you seamlessly align your sustainability targets with completion of capital projects and achieve revenue targets. Our consultants would work with you to harness the full potential of your assets through accelerated operational improvement programs and use of digital tools that deliver unprecedented value.



Manufacturing processes are facing a sea change of disruption, be it from automation, Artificial intelligence or technology fuelled process upgradation. On the anvil is the challenge of Industry 4.0 and what the industry needs to do in terms of execution strategies to be able to adopt effectively.

Our team would work with you to improve every facet of your manufacturing operation in terms of new business models, slicker production processes and supply chain to minimize costs and optimize revenues so that you remain ahead of competition. Our consultants would assist you to pinpoint operational bottlenecks and make your products and processes more sustainable.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

As part of the oil and gas industry, are you concerned about the ensuing market uncertainty and relentless pressure to improve your company performance? Are you looking for support to able to handle market shifts, reshape your product and services portfolio and transform your operating models?

We bring rich global experience to help you achieve your full potential, build operational resilience, and reduce risk across the value chain—from exploration and production to retail networks and related services. We would work with your team to build lasting capabilities to handle price volatility, supply chain disruption, and the complex shift toward alternative energy sources.

Oil & Gas

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products

Are you increasingly concerned about a rapidly evolving market characterized by unpredictable product pipelines and uncertain regulatory actions?

Our domain consultants possess expertise in innovation, customer experience, cost management, organizational design to provide significant support. Our services include omnichannel strategy, planning and execution to get you and your brand on a sustainable digital ecosystem. We would work with you to set up business models to increase ROI, deploy zero-based budgeting along with increased customer orientation and market response agility to gain competitive advantage. We would do this by optimizing your data and analytical assets so that you can make informed decisions as you move on a path to achieve global scalability while managing complexity.


Power & Utilities

Power and Energy utilities are under a greater evolution at this stage with the paradigm shift from fossil fuel sources to renewables on one hand and on the other, from a government aided services to a regulated profit oriented entity on an open market. The integration of renewables with conventional, introduction of the E-Vehicle from Diesel Plant to large Battery Storage, the concept of open market and power trading has added to the complexity. Our energy consulting team would work with you to craft a new growth strategy, improve customer experience and achieve your benchmark of performances by strategizing technology absorption as well as commercial and administrative plans


Print & Broadcast Media Consulting

As an industry player you realize that Content matters—but so do subscriptions, personalization, and customer insight. As consumers shift more to online consumption, you need to pivot your organization and products to capture more of this market.

Our team would help you develop pricing and customer strategies that offer compelling value propositions. We would explore with you, new data sources to generate entirely new revenue opportunities. We would identify inefficiencies across marketing, supply chains and operations to enable you move into sustainable and long-term growth. Finally, we would help you implement organization design to foster innovation and make you more competitive.


Private Equity & Principal Investors

As a Principal Investor and or as a private equity firm, you are enjoying exponential growth even as economic and financial shifts challenge the traditional ways of doing business and of generating value. To ensure that you continue to seize such opportunities, you need to look at fresh approaches to making investment decisions.

Our domain experts bring a unique set of strengths and expertise to support you to do the above and capitalize on opportunities while navigating uncertainties. We ensure that you get positioned to deliver on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities as you generate unprecedented value.


Public & Social Sector

We would like to acknowledge you for the empowering work that you do in education, public and social sectors to support the socio- economic progress and well-being. We understand the challenging terrain you operate in.

Our team would work with you to deliver Change, driving transformations that have a significant, positive impact on society. We use a collaborative working model using analytics, operation and strategy which provide the insights needed. We would work with you end-to-end—from diagnosis to delivery of lasting impact—together generating tangible results. We would provide an approach tailored to your specific needs.


Real Estate

New technologies, the pandemic and sustainability concerns are disrupting the Real Estate industry and profoundly impacting the decisions that need to be made. People and businesses are considering ‘out of the box’ solutions about where to live and work.

We would support you to shape your growth strategy and become more innovative. Our real estate consultants will help you identify opportunities in residential, commercial and industrial real estate. As consumer preference shifts in terms of commercial spaces getting converted to housing, the increasing need for office spaces inside residences and so on, we would work with you to ride these trends and stay ahead of competition.



The retail world—with its rapid shifts in trends and timing—has never been for the faint hearted. What makes sustainable growth and revenues even more challenging is changing consumer buying behavior and massive online marketing platforms.

Our team can help you across all the retail segments, from need based grocery, apparels and order-in meals to aspirational based luxury items, electronics, fine dining and leisure. We would provide an integrated suite of solutions in terms of strategy, brand management, supply chains and consumer experience. Our ability to provide bespoke, easy to use technology solutions (data analytics and AI based applications) to facilitate proactive decision making in key areas such as merchandising, supply chain and store management. Our graded approach would allow you to build your retail ecosystem, create new sales growth funnels and enhance customer loyalty.


Logistics & Transport Infrastructure

The global economy depends on connectivity – channels through which people and goods move across skies, roads, rails, oceans, and waterways with speed, safety, and efficiency. The growing sophistication and complexity of the travel, logistics, and transportation sectors have helped to fuel global economic growth, but vulnerabilities remain.

Our consultants bring a deep domain understanding to the table to support you handle challenges arising from evolving technologies, large scale pandemic type disruptions and non-optimal supply chains. We would help you to usher in the necessary changes and create operational robustness to ensure long term sustainability and business growth.


Telecommunications & Technology

The telecommunications industry is at an inflection point with changing customers, business models, competitive profile and technology. The telco of the future will embrace new technologies and processes while keeping the customer and his needs at the center.

Our team brings in deep industry expertise and analytical tools to provide you strategic advantages in terms of more efficient processes for customer service, strategic decision-making relating to embracing technologies, setting up of more agile and customer centric operating models, integrating AI into one’s capabilities, spotting M&A opportunities and best practices to build an innovative, future-ready organizational culture.


Tourism & Hospitality

If there’s a silver lining for the industry to the COVID crisis, it’s this: Tourism and Hospitality companies that move fast and remain flexible in adapting to a crisis stand to gain significant market share and secure their positions. As the world shifts back to a new normal, innovation, driven by bold ambitions, will be the real key to sustained performance.

Our domain experts bring in decades of experience and insights gained on the global stage. They would work with you on strategy, team development, pricing and revenue management with a sharp focus on digital and business transformation.